Precision Pet Indoor Outdoor Pet Crate Cover, Tan

Precision Pet Indoor Outdoor Pet Crate Cover, Tan The Precision Pet Indoor Outdoor Pet Crate Cover provides a secure sanctuary for pets indoors and outdoors. This cover is made of nylon canvas and features roll-up doors and windows provide easy access to the crate handle while providing privacy as well as ventilation. Features: Heavy duty water-resistant nylon canvas; Roll-up doors and windows; Universally fits most wire crate models Includes: 1 Crate Cover Intended Pet(s): Dogs, Cats Material(s): Nylon Canvas Color: Tan Precision Pet's Crate Cover provides an attractive look to your wire crate and protection from the weather, direct sun, wind, bugs and other outdoor elements. Model 1000 (fits most 19" crates): 19" x 12" x 14" Model 2000(fits most 24" crates): 24" x 18" x 20" Model 3000(fits most 30" crates): 31" x 19" x 21" Model 4000 (fits most 36" crates): 36" x 23" x 25" Model 5000(fist most 42" crates): 43" x 28" x 30" Model 6000(fits most 48" crates) 49" x 30" x 33" Size: 31"L x 19"W x 21"H. Color: Tan.

Snoozer 4-in-1 Pet Roll Around, Black

Snoozer 4-in-1 Pet Roll Around, Black The Snoozer 4-in 1 Roll Around is an approved airline dog, cat, and pet carrier that makes traveling with your pet easy. Perfect for traveling, the Snoozer Roll Around converts into a backpack, car seat and pet bed enabling pet owners to bring their pets just about anywhere. The small and medium sizes are accepted for in-cabin (under the seat) travel at most airlines. Since regulations are subject to change, please check with airline before traveling. Color: Black Material: Nylon, Metal Frame Material: Metal Carrier Size: Medium Pet Size: Up to 15 lbs Dimensions: 11"D x 14"W x 20"H Cleaning Instructions: Spot clean with a damp cloth and air dry. 1 year warranty replacement or repair on manufacturing defects. Size: 11"L x 14"W x 20"H. Color: Black.

Hugger – Frizzy Feathers Pet Bed

Hugger - Frizzy Feathers Pet Bed All one-piece with cushioned well in the middle to cradle dogs or cats in their favorite sleeping position. Fully reversible, like 2 beds in one. Machine wash cold. Air dry. Sizes: Teacup (21" Diameter & up to 10 lbs) Standard (27" Diameter & up to 30 lbs) Large (34" Diameter & up to 50 lbs) For the true dog-lover (& cat lover) – the only pet bed designed to hug your pup just like you do, surrounding him(her) with the cocoon-like softness he craves. Accept no cheap imitations, your Puppy Hugger™ is the perfect mix of glamour & comfort. Divine faux-fur fabrics on the outside & supreme down-like polyester fiber on the inside ensure the Puppy Hugger™’s good looks last a lifetime of wear & tear. Designed to fit in with your life-style, take this one-piece bed with you wherever you go. Give your best friend the bed he’s guaranteed to love. One piece design keeps dust-bunnies at bay. No hidden pockets for dust collection. Everything Puppy Hugger™ guarantees the 3-C's: Comfort, Convenience & Class. Designed & manufactured in Connecticut, everything is double-stitched for longevity & only the finest materials are used inside & out. Optional Bone Toy Choose a bone toy in matching fabric. Choose from sizes: Small: 7" Long Medium: 9" Long Large: 12" Long Optional Ball Toy Choose a ball toy in matching fabric. Optional Matching Blanket Choose a blanket, in matching fabric on one side and supersoft dimpled fabric on the other side. Choose from sizes: 28"x28" 32"x32" 36"x36" Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.

Petlinks Switch Up Value Pack Teaser Cat Toy, Multi-Color

Petlinks Switch Up Value Pack Teaser Cat Toy, Multi-Color In the wild, cats get all the stimulation they need from trackingthe movements of predators and prey. Domestic cats, however, especially indoor cats that don't hunt for food, may need (orsimply enjoy) the focused burst of activity that catnip provides. Satisfy your frisky feline today with one the Petlinks SystemSwitch Up Interchangeable Wand Toy. Enticing furry and feathery options for playful activity Quick and simple to change attachments Contains pure and potent catnip Directions: To change attachments, unscrew the current attachment and screw ondesired attachment until secure. Advice for Use: Pet Parent supervision is advised when using this product. Ifproduct becomes damaged, discontinue use immediately. Caution: Ingestion of this product can result in serious injury. Color: Multi-color.

Van Ness Long Handle Ex-giant Litter Scoop {bin-b}

Van Ness Long Handle Ex-giant Litter Scoop {bin-b} Ideal litter scoop for owners of large sized cat pans. Made from high impact plastic for extra durability. High polished finish that is odor & stain resistant & easy to clean.

Pussycat Playhouse Cat Gym

Pussycat Playhouse Cat Gym Jump! Climb! Scratch! Play! That’s what your kitties will do when they see their new Pussicat Playhouse Cat Gym!Features 6 levels to play or lounge on, three 18" seats measured diagonally with bumpers at ascending heights, and a cozy enclosed condo for napping or hiding!Sisal Rope for Scratching Comes standard with a full 24" of sisal rope on a bottom leg, providing a great scratching surface for your cats. You may choose to add sisal to the additional 2 legs. You may also add 8" sisal strips to up to 3 of the upper posts! There's a small 15 x 15" jump seat on the base that gives a little "boost" to those that might need it! Measures approximately24" x 24" x 72" and weighs 90-100 lbs.Assembly required. Complete instructions included. Note: second color choice will only be used if first color choice is unavailable. If you don't want substitution, please choose the same color for both choices.Optional Pawprint Inlays Your unit will come standard with solid carpeting. You may choose to add stylish Pawprint carpet inlays to the sleep trays. If you choose the Pawprints option, our staff interior designer will select the best accent color for your paws. If you have a strong desire for a specific color paws, please make this request in the COMMENTS field at checkout (provide a first and second choice for paw color). Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 14 business days.

Stuffed Calico

Stuffed Calico BIG soft floppy plush! One of the Aurora Super Flopsies(tm). 28 Inches Long.

Garfield 2017 Mini Wall Calendar

Garfield 2017 Mini Wall Calendar Garfield Mini Wall Calendar delivers big belly laughs. Would we expect anything less from the world's funniest fat cat? Each monthly spread features a full-color single panel, complete with colorful quip, from a classic Garfield comic strip. If diet and excercise don't work, Garfield suggests sumo wrestling. The fat cat reminds us that he's not lazy, just energy efficient.Perfect for Garfield fansIncludes 13 full color comic strips accompanied by funny quotesFeatures 4 bonus months at a glanceIncludes international holidays

Undercover Pet Bed – Red Water Lily with Red Fur

Undercover Pet Bed - Red Water Lily with Red Fur Tucks them in when you can't!The Undercover Pet Bed has a pop-up cover, designed to allow a dog or cat constant access to crawl "under the covers" to keep themselves warm or secure. It offers your pet the freedom to control its own comfort by crawling under the pop-up blanket at will. When your dog or cat doesn’t want to be under the covers any longer, they can crawl out and then on top of the blanket and cushion to sleep or play, causing the hidden, padded spring inside the blanket to gently bend under their weight.The Undercover Pet Bed was not only designed with your pet’s needs in mind, but also with yours. Our beds are made with the most gorgeous, upholstery-grade, machine-washable fabrics available, making them easy to care for, yet unique and beautiful enough to compliment the most exquisitely decorated living room. The padded spring framework is a one-time purchase, expected to last at least three years, and replacement covers and cushions can be purchased separately.Size: (S), 25" cushion, which is recommended for a pug-sized dog or cat The idea for the "Undercover Pet" Bed first began on a chilly winter evening in Los Angeles about three years ago. Mommy and Daddy wanted to spend some time alone in their bed (for a change) from their two spoiled-rotten-but-adorable doggies, but the house was chilly and their doggies were used to sleeping “under the covers”, in bed with their parents (of course). The doggies curled up into tight little balls on the sofa to keep warm, and their mom covered them with towels, but every time they got up or switched positions, the towels would fall off. Mommy fretted all night about their welfare, and became determined to come up with a solution to make everyone happy. After many trials-and-errors (expensive prototypes), the Undercover Pet Bed was born! A pet bed with a pop-up cover that allows your pet to get in and out from “under the covers” whenever they want. Made in the United States, and in an ever-increasing variety of exquisite fabrics, the Undercover Pet Bed was intended to be more a work of art for your home, than just a pet bed. Usually leaves our warehouse in 3 - 5 business days.

Mr. Herzhers Craftsman Series Single Seat

Mr. Herzhers Craftsman Series Single Seat Introducing the Craftsman Series from Mr. Herzher's. The Single Seat is a pur-fect perch for households with one cat or a few tiny kitties. With two contemporary finishes to choose from, this well crafted piece of pet furniture will blend seamlessly into any room in your home. Features: Solid wood construction Protective felt pads prevent scratches, chips or dents on both hardwood and tile floors Wide bases for extra stability Simple assembly with tight, hidden fastners and strong, rigid cross-members Dimensions: Seat height: 17" H Seat area: 20" W x 13" D Overall dimensions: 18.5" H x 16" W x 20.5" D Usually leaves our warehouse in 1 - 3 business days.