The 365 Kittens-A-Year 2017 Wall Calendar

The 365 Kittens-A-Year 2017 Wall Calendar One kitten, two kittens, three kittens, four kittens . . . oh, so many kittens! Starring the perky and irresistible winners of the 22nd Annual Kittens of Distinction Contest,366 Kittens-A-Yearis the calendar that keeps delighting kitten lovers with hundreds of full-color photographs that capture kittens caught in the act of being utterly adorable. A beautiful Burmese pair. A gray striped kitten perching on a flower pot. A wee Scottish Fold with turned-down ears and big, expressive eyes. And a ginger kitten lounging in a hammock on a lazy summer day. Accompanying each month's images is detailed text on kitten behavior, training advice, and health and care tips.Includes instructions on how to enter the 365 kittens a year contestFeatures an image of a cute kitten every single day of the yearEach page includes information on kitten behaviorEach page also includes a personal quote from kitten lovers

Pet Gear Car Seat Pet Carrier

Pet Gear Car Seat Pet Carrier Keep your pet safe, secure and comfortable during trips in the car with this Pet Gear Car Seat/Carrier. This carrier attaches securely, and with its carry handles and top and front zippered doors offers easy transportation and accessibility. Additional features include a fleece pad cover, an interior tether to keep your pet close at hand an even small rear pouches for storage. Features: Carrier and car seat in one Front and top zippered mesh windows Fleece pad cover Tether included Rear storage pouches and seat belt strap Includes: 1 Carrier and 1 Fleece Pad Cover Color: Black Environment: Car Dimensions: 19 in L x 12.5 in W x 12 in H Intended For: Dog, Cat, Small Pet

Crazy Corner Cat Tree

Crazy Corner Cat Tree The Crazy Corner Cat Tree is a terrific choice for a lounging and scratching spot that can be tucked into a convenient corner. This item is 24"x24"x42", and the top set is a roomy 18"x18" (measured diagonally), and the unit weighs approximately 70 pounds. Some very easy assembly required. Choose pawprints or no pawprints. If you choose the Pawprints option, our staff interior designer will select the best accent color for your paws. If you have a strong desire for a specific color paws, please make this request in the COMMENTS field at checkout (provide a first and second choice for paw color). Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 14 business days.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed: Color JET BLACK

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed: Color JET BLACK Why Sleepypod? Our pets are important and they deserve the very best in comfort and security at all times. Until recently, traveling meant confining our loved ones in hard, plastic boxes with limited visibility. Because most carriers are only used occasionally, our pets often associate them with negative experiences like trips to the veterinarian's office or an airline baggage compartment. A stressful event could unnecessarily become traumatic for both animal and caregiver. But that was before the Sleepypod. The Sleepypod mobile pet bed not only pampers your pet in luxurious faux fur and foam for those special outings, it is so comfortable your small dog or cat will make it his or her personal, private living space at home. Features Removable Padded Shoulder Strap Removable Mesh Dome Top with Carrying Handle Machine Washable Replaceable Faux Fur Shearling Bedding Low Power 102°F Warmer 6.5W 100-240v 50/60Hz UL Listed USA Plug sold separately Water Resistant Foam Liner Luggage Grade Nylon Outer Bed Specifications Pet Weight up to 15 lb Bed + Dome Size 17" diameter 13" high Bed + Dome Weight 4.5 lb 5.5 lb Bed Size 17" diameter 8" high Bed Weight 3 lb 4 lb At Home The Sleepypod is more than a bed, it's a lifestyle. It is your pet's personal space, designed to fit his or her individual needs. The beauty of the Sleepypod is its versatility. A dog that needs to be aware of her surroundings at all times can be just as easily accommodated as the cat who likes his privacy. The secret is in the adjustable dome top. Unzipping the top will give your pet the easy access of a standard pet bed, but as needs change, so will the options. In times of fear or stress the dome can be opened or closed by unzipping the center zipper and adjusting the sides. An optional warming pad is available for added security and to ward away the cold of those especially chilly nights. The low wattage warmer is designed to maintain a toasty 102°F, perfect for those times when a human lap just isn't available. When not using the warmer, simply remove it from the Sleepypod or tuck the connector inside the bedding to prevent your pet from chewing on the cord. The bed is designed so that your pet can spread out in the way that is most natural for his or her sleeping style. The round shape will contour around your pet's body providing yet another layer of coziness. On the Go Because your pet will already be living in the Sleepypod, traveling will become much easier and less stressful for everyone. To safely transport your pet in the car, simply wrap the seat belt around the base of the Sleepypod and pull the shoulder belt through the top handle. Currently the Sleepypod is too large to carry onto an airplane, but we are working on a smaller version to meet that need. Caring for your Sleepypod Our mobile pet beds come with a lifetime warranty to be free of manufacturing defects Wrap it up The optional Cloudpuff blanket is made from the softest polyester plush available. The suede-like backing and trim make the Cloudpuff a durable and luxurious blanket that can be used as an extra layer of padding or rolled up and used as a pillow. It is available in two sizes; the Small is perfect for the Sleepypod Mini and the Medium is just right for the Sleepypod. The ultra plush is easily maintained with a dip in the washing machine Cloudpuff Measurements:Small (perfect for MINI) - 11"x13"Medium (perfect for regular Sleepypod) 16"x19"Usually leaves our warehouse in 1 - 3 business days.

Hugger Square – Caramel Embossed Beaver Pet Bed

Hugger Square - Caramel Embossed Beaver Pet Bed All one-piece with cushioned well in the middle to cradle dogs or cats in their favorite sleeping position. Fully reversible, like 2 beds in one. Machine wash cold. Air dry. Sizes: XSmall (20" & up to 10lbs) Small (24" & up to 20lbs) Medium (30" & up to 50lbs) Large (36" & up to 90lbs) For the true dog-lover (& cat lover) – the only pet bed designed to hug your pup just like you do, surrounding him(her) with the cocoon-like softness he craves. Accept no cheap imitations, your Puppy Hugger™ is the perfect mix of glamour & comfort. Divine faux-fur fabrics on the outside & supreme down-like polyester fiber on the inside ensure the Puppy Hugger™’s good looks last a lifetime of wear & tear. Designed to fit in with your life-style, take this one-piece bed with you wherever you go. Give your best friend the bed he’s guaranteed to love. One piece design keeps dust-bunnies at bay. No hidden pockets for dust collection. Everything Puppy Hugger™ guarantees the 3-C's: Comfort, Convenience & Class. Designed & manufactured in Connecticut, everything is double-stitched for longevity & only the finest materials are used inside & out. Optional Bone Toy Choose a bone toy in matching fabric. Choose from sizes: Small: 7" Long Medium: 9" Long Large: 12" Long Optional Ball Toy Choose a ball toy in matching fabric. Optional Matching Blanket Choose a blanket, in matching fabric on one side and supersoft dimpled fabric on the other side. Choose from sizes: 28"x28" 32"x32" 36"x36" Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.

Mimi Vang Olsens Cats 2017 Wall Calendar

Mimi Vang Olsens Cats 2017 Wall Calendar Decades ago, Mimi Vang Olsen's subjects were New York's well-heeled humans, not their cats. In her detailed domestic scenes, felines made appearances when they were part of a family she was commissioned to paint, but they were not the focus. Today she tra

Pacific Pets Platform Sleeper Cat Lounger

Pacific Pets Platform Sleeper Cat Lounger The Pacific Pets Platform Sleeper Cat Lounger provides an ample lounging area for your kitty's restul needs. The dual support posts - one of carpet and one of sisal - meet the scratching needs of most any cat's preferences. Quality construction, the sturdy 20"x20" base ensures stability. 24" high. Solid wood, ships fully assembled.Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.

A Cat’s Life 2016 Wall Calendar

A Cat's Life 2016 Wall Calendar This purrfectly humorous 2017 Wall Calendar by Legacy features the lighter side of our feline friends as expressed through the artwork of Ned Young. Each 12-month calendar is printed on high-quality, linen-embossed paper that has a distinctive, luxurious feel to it, and comes in a protective envelope. The date pad is uniquely designed for the calendar to give it a distinctive look all its own. The last page contains a 2-year calendar (2017/2018) and space for notes. Brass gusset on front cover for added durability.

Black Eyed Susan Cat Tree – Medium

Black Eyed Susan Cat Tree - Medium For people who liked the color and design of the "Black Eyed Susan" this tree is basically the same, just a little smaller. It stands 36" tall, has a width of only 50" and weights 50 pounds. It's packed with the same features that cats love just as in the larger tree. There are two sculptured leaves (10" x 20") lined with our special thermal liner to retain your cat's body heat for hours of comfortable napping or just relaxing. The same thermal liner is found in the rounded bed at the top which is surrounded by ten (10) petals. There are two holes in the trunk to tweak your cat's curiosity and to provide a quiet spot for when the cat wants to be left alone. The trunk of the Cat Tree is wrapped in a commercial grade carpet to give you years of trouble free wear. A wide round base adds stability that guarantees this Cat Tree will not tip under normal use. This unique flower design and color scheme will provide a focal point in any decor. Approximate Height: 36" (3 feet) Approximate Width: 50" Trunk Diameter: 10" Weight: 50 lbs actual Colors of the Black Eyed Susan: Top Inside: Black Top Petals: Orange Trunk: Beige Hole Rims: Beige Leaves: Yellow Leaf Stem: Orange Base: Brown Special Features: Our molded leaves are designed to "flex" which cushions the landing and prevents excessive wear and tear on joints, especially of older cats, when they jump onto the Tree. Commercial grade carpeting is used throughout the entire Cat Tree, including the lining inside the holes in the trunk. All our beds and larger leaves have a "thermal" lining that retains the cat's body heat providing greater comfort. An extra wide base is added to all units providing greater stability and preventing tipping under normal use. Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 14 - 21 business days.

Cats 2017 Mini Wall Calendar

Cats 2017 Mini Wall Calendar Cat lovers will love the full-color photographs in this charming Cats 2017 Mini Wall Calendar. This favorite feline that has stolen the hearts of many and warmed millions of laps is captured in its many moods and engaged in its daily activities—playing, napping, exploring, and napping some more.Features 13 full color imagesFeatures various breeds of catsFeatures September - December 2016 at a glanceFeatures moon phases and national holidays