Hugger – Dimpled Pet Bed in 7 Fabric Choices

Hugger - Dimpled Pet Bed in 7 Fabric Choices All one-piece with cushioned well in the middle to cradle dogs or cats in their favorite sleeping position. Fully reversible, like 2 beds in one. Machine wash cold. Air dry. Sizes: Teacup (21" Diameter & up to 10 lbs) Standard (27" Diameter & up to 30 lbs) Large (34" Diameter & up to 50 lbs) For the true dog-lover (& cat lover) – the only pet bed designed to hug your pup just like you do, surrounding him(her) with the cocoon-like softness he craves. Accept no cheap imitations, your Puppy Hugger™ is the perfect mix of glamour & comfort. Divine faux-fur fabrics on the outside & supreme down-like polyester fiber on the inside ensure the Puppy Hugger™’s good looks last a lifetime of wear & tear. Designed to fit in with your life-style, take this one-piece bed with you wherever you go. Give your best friend the bed he’s guaranteed to love. One piece design keeps dust-bunnies at bay. No hidden pockets for dust collection. Everything Puppy Hugger™ guarantees the 3-C's: Comfort, Convenience & Class. Designed & manufactured in Connecticut, everything is double-stitched for longevity & only the finest materials are used inside & out. Optional Bone Toy Choose a bone toy in matching fabric. Choose from sizes: Small: 7" Long Medium: 9" Long Large: 12" Long Optional Ball Toy Choose a ball toy in matching fabric. Optional Matching Blanket Choose a blanket, in matching fabric on one side and supersoft dimpled fabric on the other side. Choose from sizes: 28"x28" 32"x32" 36"x36" Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.

Siamese Cats 2016 Wall Calendar

Siamese Cats 2016 Wall Calendar Siamese cats are domesticated cats of the oriental cat breed extraction. Recognized for their slender bodies and heads, large ears, and almond-shaped blue eyes, these cats are absolutely exotic beauties. Whether you love Siamese cats or unique cats in general, the Siamese Cats Wall Calendar is the perfect one for you!Features 12 full-color images of sweet Siamese catsIncludes planner pages (July-December 2016)Ample space for notes, important dates, and contactsPrevious and next month viewsObserves major holidays and moon phases

Catemporary Cat Corner

Catemporary Cat Corner A Modern Take on Cat Tower Furniture. Want a cat tower that's fun for your cat but don't have a lot of floor space? The Catemporary Cat Corner is the solution. The cat tower fits snuggly into a room's corner taking up minimal space while giving cats stepped platforms to play and sleep 70" high with stepped fabric cushioned platforms Platform steps are a comfortable 10" x 21" Secures to wall with anchors to prevent tipping Cushion covers are washable and replaceable Oak veneer face Usually leaves our warehouse in 1 - 3 business days.

KH Mod Capsule Pet Carrier, Black Gray

KH Mod Capsule Pet Carrier, Black Gray Being a bed, playhouse and also a carrier makes the KH Mod Capsule PetCarrier a value and cat owner would love. It simply zips together for easy assembly. The mesh door is completely removable for use as a sleeper. Zip the door back on for use as a transport carrier for trips to and from the vet. Includes comfortable polyfil pillow. One year limited warranty. Bed Type: Capsule Features: Bed and playhouse in one Color: Gray/Black Environment: Indoor Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 11.5" Material: EVA Molded Foam, Nylon, Polyester, Hardware Cleaning Instructions: Easy wash and care pillow. Color: Black Gray.

Stuffed Cougar

Stuffed Cougar Also known as Mountain Lion or Puma, this beautiful lifelike plush creation is from Cabin Critters. 14 Inches Long.

Wacky Paws Pet Backpack Carrier, Red

Wacky Paws Pet Backpack Carrier, Red Our Wacky Paws Pet Backpack showcases our signature Air Mesh fabric that is breathable and lightweight. If you consider the fact that dogs dont have sweat glands, you'd recognize that maintaining anenvironment with proper air flow properties is crucial in designing pet bag carriers. The structuralintegrity of our slings are maintained by a hard rubber base that allows the dog or cat to have a bettersense of balance. Features: Breathable and lightweight, structured to give your dog a sense of balance Includes: 1 Pet Sling Color: Burgundy Material: PVC Mesh for Main Body Shoulder Straps, 600D Polyester for Base Back Panel, 210 D Nylon for Lining Pet Size: Small Capacity: Large Backpack - Up to 15 lbs Dimensions: Large Backpack - 15.625"L x 7"W x 17"H Additional Information: Size Guide Size: 15.625"L x 7"W x 17"H. Color: Burgundy.

Stuffed Himalayan Cat

Stuffed Himalayan Cat Toffee is a soft lifelike stuffed plush Himalayan Cat created in the Bocchetta family tradition. 11 Inches Sitting.

Imperial Cat Scratching Pad – 3 Pack

Imperial Cat Scratching Pad - 3 Pack We know you love your cat, but the last thing you need is his tearing up your furnishings! You can't fight a cat's natural instinct to keep his claws honed, so give him a healthy alternative -- the Imperial Cat Scratching Pad! The Imperial Cat scratching pad includes Certified Organic Catnip. Your cat would rather scratch this than your furniture! The texture of the Imperial Cat Scratching Pad is unlike any other texture in your home. It's not carpeted, like your floors. It's not covered in any kind of nubby material that could be similar to your couch's upholstery. Your cat won't be confused as to what he should and should not scratch. Your cat can feel that this unique surface is his very own personal place to scratch. Imperial Cat Scratching Pad measures about 19" x 5". Usually leaves our warehouse in 3 - 5 business days.

Cat Face 38243 Kitty Gym

Cat Face 38243 Kitty Gym The Cat Face 38243 Kitty Gym is the ultimate play place for your cats -- and is a huge 65 inches tall! There's plenty of climbing and lounging room for a multi-cat family, plus a great hideaway on top. The 36"x24" base ensures stability. Staggered tiers and platforms allow for easy climbing. Plenty of room for your whole family of cats! The finest materials available are used to make this the safest possible haven for your kitty. Made with 4" solid untreated heart of pine core posts. The 6" zinc lag bolts provide secure anchoring. The carpet strands are no longer than 6". This is all designed with the well-being of your kitty in mind. No glue or harmful chemicals used on this tree.To speed up the process of building your unit, please select a first and second choice for carpet colors. Remember, the shades of carpet may vary from what is shown here for a variety of reasons. We will do our best to match the carpet you get with the colors you choose.If you want a SOLID COLOR unit, please choose the same color for all selections!You may also choose whether you would like the complimentary 2' of sisal rope wound around one of the poles on your unit.Ships fully assembled!Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 14 business days.

Cats 2016 Desk Calendar

Cats 2016 Desk Calendar The calendar with a daily dose of what you love--adorable cats! This Cats Desk Calendar has a different photo of a beautiful feline for each day. Each day includes a monthly grid and major holidays. Perfectly sized for your desk at the office or at home.Featuring great cat photosMonth at-a-glance views on each pageSaturday and Sunday combined on one pageObserves major holidays