Soulistic Luna Tuna Dinner in Pumpkin Soup Cat Food Pouches (3 oz.; Luna Tuna Dinner in Pumpkin Soup; Case of 8)

Soulistic Grain-Free Adult Cat Food PouchesFeed your cat’s soul with our Soulistic food pouches available exclusively at Petco.Soulistic cat food has been specially formulated to promote balance, health and wellness in your cat. These natural, limited ingredient, grain free diets are made in a USDA approved human facility so you can be assured that the food you are feeding your cat is just as healthy as your own. Our food specializes in showing a true human food style through our ingredients. They contain ingredients you can identify such as lean, whole cuts of meat, free range boneless, skinless white breast meat chicken free of added hormones and steroids or wild caught, sustainable resource dolphin and turtle safe fish. Then we add in vitamins and minerals to help keep your cat happy and healthy.Created with exceptional palatability, our Soulistic cat food will be your cat’s new soul mate. Try some today, we guarantee your cat will love it!Ingredients We Leave Out:Grain Free: No wheat or cornNo soy or glutensNo fillers, added artificial or natural flavors, or preservativesNo blended pate, what you see is what you getNo GMO (genetically modified) ingredientsWhat’s In:Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for healthy skin and coatHigh moisture for hydration and healthy urinary tract and kidney functionLow Ash: Low magnesium, calcium and phosphorus to promote healthy urinary tract functionLow carbohydrates and low glycemic formulas to help maintain urine pH balanceOur Guarantee:Guaranteed – Highest quality raw materials in the industryGuaranteed – Highest quality human food processing standardsGuaranteed – Highest quality, palatable base ingredientsGuaranteed – Highest quality balanced, grain free diets

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