PeeDar: A Superior Pet Urine Detector Black Light Flashlight Designed For Cat and Dog Owners

When searching for a solution to find pet urine stains in your home, it can be overwhelming. There are LOADS of products and brands but unfortunately not all are made equal.

First of all there are fluorescent tube lights, which can work, but they typically need you to be so near the stain in order to see it fluoresce that locating the stain is hard anyway.

Luckily the newer type of LED UV flashlights makes locating stains much easier with a stronger and more focused beam of ultra violet light. Nonetheless, good LEDs are not cheap to make especially at the lower wavelengths which are needed to make the proteins in urine stains fluoresce effectively.

You will see that a lot of UV LED Flashlights being sold under the $20 mark which are marketed as urine detectors, but on closer inspection you'll often discover that they do not mention the UV wavelength (a number in nanometers or "nm") due to the fact that it's at the incorrect end of the spectrum nearer to actual visible light (about 390-400nm). This wavelength can make some urine stains fluoresce, but it's not proficient at it and often overwhelms the already limited stain fluorescence with visible light.

So exactly what's the solution?

Using LEDs with a lower ultra violet wavelength of 365-370nm is the trick. The drawback is they are MUCH more expensive to produce and so you won't discover a good UV Flashlight including these lower wavelength LEDs under $30 let alone $20!

There are expert level UV flashlights used in forensic science and various other professional sectors, but these range $200+ in cost – well over the budget plan for the typical animal owner who simply wishes to locate some animal urine stains in their home.

The "PeeDar" has been developed to fix this issue. It's a cost effective UV torch with the correct UV wavelength LEDs in the range of 365-370nm. The quantity of these LEDs used provides a very deliberate and carefully thought out balance between effectiveness and cost. The PeeDar gives you a genuinely useful pet urine stain detector with lots of UV strength in the correct wavelength range and all without costing an arm and a leg. In fact it's cost is extremely competitive against even the cheap incorrect greater wavelength UV flashlights!

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51uUN7BeU%2BL. SL160  PeeDar: A Superior Pet Urine Detector Black Light Flashlight Designed For Cat and Dog Owners

High-end, cutting-edge True Blacklight LEDs – 365-370nm wavelength spectrum illuminates pet stains most dramatically

Super-low "visible" light output – causes the stain, not the surface material, is lit up!

Super-balanced beam of light – zero light/dark areas – greatly increases stain clarity

Rugged, water-resistant & reliable assembly – only premium components complying with CE & ROHS standards

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