Mini Cat Tree

Mini Cat Tree Not enough room for a full size "tree" but need a place your cats can call their own? The Mini Tree solves the problem! At 36 inches tall, you may choose between a carpet or full sisal leg, depending on your cat's scratching preferences. Two perches for lounging. Size: 36" height - base 20" x 20" 12-1/2" square shelves. Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.

Seat and Cradle Cat Lounger

Seat and Cradle Cat Lounger The Seat and Cradle Cat Lounger is perfect for your pampered kitty. Features include: 3" posts for them to race up & down on. 3/8" sisal rope included on one leg, optional sisal on two additional legs. 16" round seat with 5" tall cozy sides 20” long cradle. Plywood base. Contrasting paw prints. Approx. 22” x 22” x 36” Beige carpet (shade may vary) Note: second color choice will only be used if first color choice is unavailable. If you don't want substitution, please choose the same color for both choices. If you choose the Pawprints option, our staff interior designer will select the best accent color for your paws. If you have a strong desire for a specific color paws, please make this request in the COMMENTS field at checkout (provide a first and second choice for paw color).Some simple assembly required. Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 14 business days.

Large Pacific V Scratching Post & Perch

Large Pacific V Scratching Post & Perch The Large Pacific "V" Scratching Post and Perch is an excellent combination for scratching and lounging. With one extra large post in full sisal, and a v-shaped lounger on top, this item will get a lot of use from your cat. 33" tall with a 20" square base, the lower "V" is 16" front to back and 13" wide. The upper "V" is 18" front to back and 13" wide. Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.

Catemporary Cat Corner

Catemporary Cat Corner A Modern Take on Cat Tower Furniture. Want a cat tower that's fun for your cat but don't have a lot of floor space? The Catemporary Cat Corner is the solution. The cat tower fits snuggly into a room's corner taking up minimal space while giving cats stepped platforms to play and sleep 70" high with stepped fabric cushioned platforms Platform steps are a comfortable 10" x 21" Secures to wall with anchors to prevent tipping Cushion covers are washable and replaceable Oak veneer face Usually leaves our warehouse in 1 - 3 business days.

Open Tray Cat Tree

Open Tray Cat Tree If your cat likes to perch on tall trees...but you get nervous. If your cat sleeps and rolls...and you get nervous.. the Open-Tray is the top for you! This 20"x12"x3" sleeping tray is purr-fect for watching over the kingdom and not worry the two legged family members. You also have the option of our Mega Tray which is 20" x20"x 3". This 60" tree sits on a 20"x20" wide wobble-free base. Check out the bracing on our trees. The shelves are 12"x16" and are securely fastened to our carpeted wood posts. The shelves will hold over 100lbs and are positioned so getting to the top is easy for all cats! Requires some very easy assembly! Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.

44 inch Triangle Tree

44 inch Triangle Tree The Triangle Top seems to be extremely popular. Is it the cats favorites or the humans? With the little window for viewing and the "open-covered" feeling of the 16"x16"x16" tent-shaped top the Triangle Tree series is a favorite perching tree in a mid-height range. The carpeted wood posts, which support the house, and step-tray can come with or with-out sisal - you or your cats choice. Attatched to our wide 20"x20" wobble-free base this is one sturdy little tree.Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.

Tiered Cat Tree

Tiered Cat Tree This tiered cat tree provides three staggered lounging shelves that allow easy climbing access to even the highest platform. Super wide 24"x24" base makes this tree wobble proof. You may choose to add one full sial post for extra scratching pleasure. Size: 49" height - base 24" x 24" large 14-1/2" shelves. Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.

Coliseum with Tub

Coliseum with Tub Four solid wood posts are securely fastened to our wide wobble-free 24"x24" base. For a design that will hold up to the largest and most active cat you know. Plus, you can now give your cat a great choice of scratching surfaces with four poles to customize to your cat's needs. With its large 16" Diameter Tub with 4" Sides and sleep-tray 20"x20"x3" this is a purr-fect choice for the multiple cat household. This Cat Tree Features: Large Top Tray 20"x20"x3" Large Middle Tub 16" Diameter with 4" Sides Wide Wobble Free Base 24"x24" 4 Carpet Poles to Scratch Optional Sisal for 2 or all 4 Poles Plush Carpeting Easy Assembly Required Over 10 Different Colors to Choose From Shown with 2 Optional Sisal Legs Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.

Sunflower Cat Tree

Sunflower Cat Tree The Sunflower Cat Tree will bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. This medium sized Cat Tree is the ideal size to accommodate all your cat's activities. Whether climbing, jumping, hiding, exploring, or its more common activity, sleeping, this is the perfect unit for your cat. We have built all our special features into this Cat Tree. The top flower is 28" round with a padded center and a thermal liner to retain your cat's heat for added comfort. There are four holes each 9" in diameter that lead to the center of the trunk which is 12" in diameter. Four sculptured leaves (2 large and 2 small) surround the trunk providing layers for climbing or space for "snoozing". The leaves each have a thermal liner for added comfort, and each is hinged to provide "flex" when the cat jumps onto the leaf making it easier on its joints and back. Older cats will get much more use out of a unit with this feature. The wide round base adds stability and guarantees the Cat Tree will not tip during normal use. This Cat Tree will fit into a corner, taking up less floor space, and not sacrificing stability. This unique piece of furniture will be the focalpoint of activity for your cat, and the center of conversation among your friends. Approximate Height: 52" (4ft 4in) Approximate Width: 52" Trunk Diameter: 12" Weight: 100 lbs Colors of the Sunflower: Top Inside Rust Brown Top Petals: Yellow Trunk: Tan Leaves: Sage with Dark Green underside Leaf Stem: Sage Base: Green Special Features: Our molded leaves are designed to "flex" which cushions the landing and prevents excessive wear and tear on joints, especially of older cats, when they jump onto the Tree. Commercial grade carpeting is used throughout the entire Cat Tree, including the lining inside the holes in the trunk. All our beds and larger leaves have a "thermal" lining that retains the cat's body heat providing greater comfort. An extra wide base is added to all units providing greater stability and preventing tipping under normal use. Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 14 - 21 business days.

41 inch Corner Tower

41 inch Corner Tower This newest Corner Tower is 41" tall and has two 12"x16" shelves and topped with a large 16" sleeping tub with a 4" lip. Purr-fect for curling up in and solving the world's problems. The three solid wood posts are attatched to our wide 20"x20" wobble-free base. Put this Corner Tower in a sunny location and you-know-who wil be you-know-where all day long. Shipped fully assembled it's ready for your room. Custom made to order, usually leaves our warehouse in 7 - 10 business days.